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Universal Bass Knob

Universal Bass Knob

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Introducing the exquisite TTZ Audios Universal Bass Knob, an item to ease your operational activities in your car audio system. This small item helps you to turn your amplifier onn and off right from your driving seat where you are always. You'll just have to push the rotary knob to turn it on or off. That rotary knob helps you to set the gain of your amplifier remotely and yes that very easy. The best part is that there is a BLUE LED DISPLAY that shows your amplifiers DC voltage (10v - 15.9v DC). This is extremely important since you are able to monitor your car audio systems health. This helps you to monitor your amps health and be aware of any hazardous issues in case the voltage is irregular  abnormal. There is a screw on the side of the knob that helps you to calibrate the voltage reading in case you need it.  

The knob is small / handheld size item. There are 2 side hinges which helps you to install the item in dash / under dash inside your car. 


There are 4 RCA female plugs and 4 open wires. YOU HAVE TO MAKE SURE ALL THE WIRES AND RCAS ARE PERFECTLY CONNECTED FOR THE KNOB TO BE PERFECTLY OPERATIONAL. At the same time, make sure that your amp is getting proper ground since grounding and proper power connection is a MUST for a car audio system. This is the labels of all those 8 wire ends of the knob-

  1. Signal Input= RED CH port (R) & GREEN CH port (L)
  2. Signal Output= BLUE CH port (R) & WHITE CH port (L)
  3. Remote In= YELLOW wire
  4. Remote Out= BLUE wire
  5. Ground= BLACK wire
  6. Battery Plus Terminal= RED wire


Dimensions & Weight:

Size: 84mm (L) x 47mm (B) x 30mm (H)

Weight: 69 grams

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