About Us

We are TTZ Audio, providing people with high quality CAR AUDIO ITEMS and ACCESSORIES.

Back in 2019 we observed that there are several companies providing car audio items (Active and passive both) at a very high cost for the quality or at a very low cost, irrespective of the quality at all. We are TTZ Audio trying to be right in the middle of that scale with the determination of providing very high quality car audio items at the best possible and affordable prices. 

We are determined to provide world class customer service and guarantee customer satisfaction no matter what, until every one of our customers are served completely and are satisfied to the core. 

TTZ Audio started with providing Car Audio Amplifier Reducers in its very first stage, that will always be a signature item to this company. We had a vision to sell the first lot in 5 months but alas, our inventory stocked out within 1.5 months. Thats when this company decided to make more high quality items and provide with best possible customer service and products! 

Now TTZ Audio is in the phase of increasing its product lines. Slowly and steadily its in the increase of the Car Audio Installation accessories and by time, it will also have active car audio items like Car Amplifiers, Car Subwoofers, Car Speakers with a lot of other varieties too! 

we just need your support and love to make this company big which will only and only have the vision to provide car audio people with highest possible car audio items for ever!